lundi 18 mars 2013

The wonder of moving

I started writing the title as "the pleasure of moving" and pleasure was not an intense enough word to convey what I meant to say.  For some obscure reason, I started developing osteoarthritis sometimes in my late thirties and over the years, it progressed so that for the past 5-7 years it became extremely painful to walk.  Then it became impossible to walk more than a city block or so without extreme pain.  I changed my exercise routine and went for swimming instead.  Then in 2012, I had two knee replacement surgeries.  One in January and the second knee in September.  WOW!  What a difference.  After a few months I can now walk 2 kilometers and more with as fast a pace as I could 15-20 years ago, and, miracle, no pain.  While I will keep on swimming regularly, I can now go for a long, brisk walk anytime I want and for me, that's worth so much.

Do you move your body regularly?  Do you have a favorite activity?  Do you do it?  If not, what's in the way?  What would help you to practice it?

Moving is not just for weight loss.  Moving or exercising is for your health - physical and mental.  Exercise will give you energy, it helps your body fight all kinds of ailments.  And for mental health, exercise has been proven to be equal to some medicine.

And as much as I like walking or swimming, I don't always feel like doing it - what helps is to remember how  it feels when and after I do it.  And I am never disappointed.

Coaching challenge:  Choose one activity you enjoy and commit to doing it  - you don't have to do it for 30 minutes - start with 10 minutes and evaluate how you feel after.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.
Canada's Coach

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