dimanche 9 juin 2013

What's the "drop" that will help you move from a minus to a plus?

It's true that often a drop can be what makes a situation unbearable.  A drop can also be the one factor that will motivate you or steer you onto a wellness path.  We are all different and what motivates us can vary from one person to another.  For me it's my health.  My appearance counts also - I am, well, quite proud, but not enough to make huge sacrifices.  For my health, though, I can show more determination than anyone I know.  The first time I experienced it, was when at around age 40, I was told my blood tests showed I had abnormally high cholesterol.  I remember feeling my body had let me down. I was a single parent to still young children and I wanted to be there for them for a long time.  I also happen to love life, a lot.   My reaction was to first ask all the questions I could and to read as much as I could on the subject.  It was determined that it was "familial" type and even if I only ate carrots it would still be abnormal.  That's when I started cooking with the Heart Healthy cookbook from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  I managed to lower my numbers by about 15% over a period of 3 months.  My cholesterol is still high, but I now do with nutrition and exercise all I can to control what's lifestyle related.

These days, my motivation is still my health because I still love life, a lot and want to be here for a long, long time and I want to be healthy, to be independent, to be there for my daughters who are now new mothers and I want to have fun and be an example  in the life of my grandchildren, for many years.

What's your motivation to eat healthy, or exercise or lose weight?  Your health?  What exactly about your health?  You want to remain active, independent?  You want to travel once you retire?

If you feel you have let yourself down health wise, it's not too late.  Spend some time reflecting on how you want the next 10, 20 years of your life to be like. If you realize you don't have dreams and plans for the future, then, working on dreaming and having goals might just help you see how a healthier you can realize those dreams.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.
Canada's Coach
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