vendredi 27 juillet 2012

Recharging on a regular basis: take an inventory

Once you have started getting more sleep, you need to take an inventory of what's working in your life - for example you may be faithful to exercising at least 3 times a week, your primary relationship, and what's not working, maybe your nutrition or your finances, or an employee or colleague, or a long commute.  Write everything down - in two columns.  On the minus side, you may want to include the "tolerations" - those sometimes small but no less irritating pests: too much stuff, not enough space, useless or ugly things: clothes, furniture, etc., things that need fixing around the house, clothes that need some repair or need to be given or thrown out, a bad habit (biting your nails), someone else's bad habit, a lack of discipline, not taking time to play, an old mattress.  If you are honest, you will find at least 33, most probably 66 and more of those irritants in your life and at work.    All those small irritations cause what we call stress and unless you tackle them, you will continue to have some valuable energy thrown at the wind.  One valuable point is to write down besides each entry, how long it has gone on.  Don't be surprised when you realize some irritants have been around for a long time.

Take action:  write down that list and tackle one item this weekend - and yes you can tackle more than one if you feel like it.

Marguerite Tennier
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