mercredi 19 décembre 2012

Christmas and stress - 7 tips to help you

Only six sleeps until Christmas morning.  With the shopping and the cooking and for some traveling, and the weather which can turn meany, and maybe too much partying, too much food or drinks, or maybe feeling left out without enough invitations, The Season is not always how it's portrayed in the movies.

I thought about some ways I remain (or remained) calm at this time of year.

1) When my children were young, they got a Stocking at Christmas and I gave the gifts at New Year.  This had a lot of advantages - making the gift giving longer and allowing me to buy some gifts on sale between Christmas and New Year.  It is a custom from my French Canadian heritage.  I loved it.

2) Beware of envy.  Don't compare what the Jones spend on gifts or on the trips they take.  Count your blessings - from your family, your health, your job, even if you only appreciate the income, your home, even if it's not the ideal house - you have a roof over your head,  If you feel you have nothing to be grateful for, visit a shelter, or a hospital.

3) Plan, plan, plan.  Plan your time until Christmas - what needs to be done, when.  Use a project management model to help get you there on time with all tasks completed.

4) Keep your good habits alive - find time to get to the gym or the pool. Sleep enough, eat those veggies and don't forget breakfast.  Make sure the kids also continue their routine: sleep, play, meals.  If you slack on what you think is important for them, they will suffer and then you will, because they will be more tired, and a tired child if often a difficult child.

5) Teach your children to be generous to the less fortunate, especially at this time of year.  Take some money
and ask them to participate to support a charity, be it the Snow Suit Fund or other agencies.  Volunteer and bring the kids to help. This may just make them less demanding.

6) Plan some outdoors activity for the family - it's good for the body and it's also good for the soul.

7) Lower your standards for cleanliness - the floors don't have to be so clean you can eat on them.  Nobody will want to eat off your floors anyway.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.
Canada's Coach

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