vendredi 4 janvier 2013

How are your commitments to a healthier lifestyle?

I just came back from a 2km walk.  Pretty proud of myself.  It's now almost 4 months after my 2nd knee replacement surgery and I feel stronger than in a long time.  Walking has almost been a passion for me ever since I was a teenager.  In the last few years with advanced knee osteoarthritis, I could barely walk a few blocks before pain became unbearable, so my exercise of choice was swimming.

What about you?  Did you commit to being more active in 2013?  What was your plan and now on day 4 of 2013, how are you doing?  If you doing great, fantastic.  If not, what's in the way?  What do you need to change to make it possible?

One tip: if you are going to exercise during your lunch time, exercise before eating.  It's a lot more difficult to get up after a big meal.  And exercise will not make you more ravenous.  On the contrary, some of the sugar is being released in the blood during exercise and you may just find you are less hungry.

Coaching challenge: Re-commit to your goal.  Write it down.  Be specific, for example: swim 20 laps twice a week, or walk 30 minutes on days I don't swim, at least 4 times a week, before 2 p.m.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.
Canada's Coach

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