samedi 12 janvier 2013

Quick way to stop stressing yourself out

Are you upset about something or someone to the point that you are beginning to obsess about it? You stress yourself out.  You awful-ize the situation and cannot let it go?  I am certain you have heard "put things in perspective".  Well you can.  Take out pen and paper and write down in point form what could be much worse than what you are obsessing about.  For example, the ceiling is leaking, and you will have a mess because the landlord has ignored you when you told him it happened 3 weeks ago (this is close to home).  What could go through someone's head is: I will need to move when I don't want to, I will have water on the floor, what if I don't find a place I really like, moving is a lot of work, etc etc etc.

Now on your paper write down what could be worse:  breaking a leg, having a loved one in an accident, having an accident, losing a loved one, like your child, your grandchild, your spouse, mother, sister, etc.etc.etc.    If those things happened the reason you are obsessing would be so far from your mind, you would most likely not even think about it.  This is what putting things in perspective is all about.  It helps relax, realize that things could be a lot worse and know that you will be able to deal with this problem.

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